In a centralized call-processing solution, there are five sites connected through an IP WAN.
To optimize the utilization of the IP WAN, CAC needs to be implemented.
How should CAC be implemented?
A. Use a gatekeeper to control allocated bandwidth properly.
B. Use locations CAC with a single location.
C. Use a gatekeeper and Cisco Unified Border Element to provide CAC to sites that use a
combination of SIPand MGCP gateways.
D. Use a gatekeeper to only control those locations that use H.323 gateways and a Cisco
Unified BorderElement to control those sites that use MGCP or SIP gateways.
E. Use locations CAC with five locations in addition to Hub none.
Answer: E
An engineer is trying to determine the status of the ISDN D Channel on a new PRI circuit,
types in the show isdn status command, and sees this output. Which two pieces of
information can be determined from this output? (Choose two.)
The provider is using the 5ESS protocol.
There are four channels.
The connection to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager has been established.
The D channel is working correctly.
No active calls are established.
Answer: D,E
What is the default option for framing when you configure T1 controller?
A. Super Frame
B. alternate mark inversion
C. C.Extended Super Frame
D. D.cyclic redundancy check 4
E. E.high-density bipolar 3
F. F.No-CRC4
G. G.binary 8-zero substitution
H. Australia

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